Monday, June 23, 2014

June DT blog hop

Ok so here we go
It's once again time for the Smeared Ink Design team to show off some of their stuff. You can find the roll in the side bar of my blog. This month I am doing something a bit different.  This month is an interactive post. " But what does she mean?" I know, I know, calm down it's really not that bad. So we all remember some fuzzy images of High School, right ... well here's your chance to vote for prom queen no matter how long you have been out of school.  But the entries in this contest are not your typical queens. So with no further ado I give you 
the Smeared and Smudged royal court for 2014.

Our first lovely contestant is a hot little number who has no problem showing off her majorly fashionable style.  She may look a bit worse for the wear, but she's a keeper all the way.  She is the tops in her home economics class, being able to sew a mean frock and skin. Wow this girl has talent.

 This wonderful contestant defiantly knows how to sparkle and shine. Just look at the wonderful die job she has, so colorful, and the sparkles from her roses to her hair add the perfect touch of glamour. Now we can't forget her shine. Tears may not be everyones thing but anything that will add to this little beauties chance to shine she will take.

Just take a look at her unique eye. Isn't the color just gorgeous. You will never miss this one while she is cheering on her team with the rest of the cheer squad.

High maintenance doesn't even begin to describe our next entry. She always keep her friends close to her and spends most of her time looking in the mirror or keeping up with her beauty routine. She may be high maintenance but she never forgets that church is no place for blood letting. Her favorite subject is anatomy, after all knowing the circulatory system is key to keeping up appearances.

This contestant is a bit shy, trying to hide her baby blues with a super shinny mask with pearl overlays placed just so. Wallflower she may be, but that doesn't stop her from looking fab. Her nails are always done to perfection as well as her makeup. And have you seen all the different tones in her hair, she must sit for hours at the salon. She loves school and if you ask her what her favorite subject is she will just giggle and blush. She must love it all. Beautiful and a brain.

 Emo doesn't even begin to describe this tragic little flower. She loves those braids and is ready at the drop of a dime for the chance to get the next thing pierced. Your school ASB president is alway there for her fellow students with any suggestions or problems they have. Every one is heard, and every one has a hand in how she runs this school. It may look like the stress of the job is making her fall apart, but she handles it all very well.

This next little kitten is all about the art. Oil painting and sculpting are defiantly her favorites. A hippy at heart , she is very minimal in the primping and accessorizing of her look. She is completely content to throw on the first thing she sees and head out into the world. She has been know to fall apart at times, but she always find a way to put herself back together again.
And our last hot little number is a drop dead beauty. A fellow member of the cheer squad with our other contestant, she defiantly has what it takes to get the crowd going. Just be on the look out for this pom pon cutie because her jaw could fly off at any moment and take a bite out of you heart. Sexy sweetheart is not all she is though. It is no wonder her favorite class is  History, what with how long she has been at this school. She just keeps finding new meat to keep her coming back. Watch out boys, vote for her or she could be playing with your brain soon enough.

So there you have all seven of our lovely contestants. Please comment and leave you vote below. The winner will be announced shortly after voting closes. 


  1. Such a fun post, Rebecca! I am going to have to cast my vote for the rotted, home ec hottie. She's a zombie girl after my own brain, um... er, heart!

  2. lol I like the little emo flower! you are so funny! I love them all awesome coloring!

  3. Looks like you had a great time coloring in all the images. Fun and love each of them. hard to choose a winner. My vote for the second gal.