Monday, July 22, 2013

So here we go!
Two of my children and I went to the renaissance festival this weekend.  It was faboo weather and the camping was great.  But it got me thinking about the second part of this blog's title. I am someone who refuses to pay full price for anything.  What others pay upward of $700 for I payed less than $7 for. Do the math people.  Really?  Even if you have the money to spend why would you? Let me teach you how I roll when it comes to money.

 I have a passion for very nice things.  Sucky fact: very very nice equals very very expensive. Right?  Never I say.  Down with full price, up with my designer wardrobe and accessories. As long as I (and you too) are willing to put the most minimal effort into perfecting what others have made a bit less desirable. Then you have a chance of very very nice.

When I say that I don't pay full price for anything I mean anything. Just because something is at a Goodwill store doesn't mean you can't get better and cheaper.

Tip number one: set your limits and stick to it.
     Figure out the cap you are willing to pay for every different item and no matter what stick to it.  I refrefuse to pay over $10-15 for jeans.  And I mean new ones too. Used your looking at $1or $2. Khols is one of the best places for new, designer,  and 90% off. My 13 year old had $100 for school clothes and with thay we got him 5 pairs of pants,  four pairs of shorts,  2 pairs of leather boots, 2 jackets, and over 13 shirts
 Ya what can I say I'm really really good. 

So there's my first tip. Look back for more on all that sparkles for pennies.


  1. Yay, Bec!! I can't believe you joined the land of bloggers, but I'm so excited to have a way to see how you are doing! Yeah, yeah, I could always call, but we both know how much I suck at that :)
    I'm sure you & the kiddos had a blast at the Ren Faire, you always do :) Hug and kiss them from me... miss you all bunches!

    (I really should have paid better attention to how you shopped, would be useful for when I have to go school shopping soon!)

    Love you!

  2. Well keep coming back and you will get all the knowledge I possess about the fine art of of shopping. Oh ya and blinging things out to the max. Lord do I hate the word "bling".

    God bless all