Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ok so here we go!
Went to a totally b.a. concert tonight with two of my kiddles. Oh ya for all of you who don't cuss I think you can figure out what b.a. stands for. Any who's, we got to see Jeremy Camp and it totally filled us up.  He sounds just as good live as on the radio

Not sure how the video is going to turn out but I'm sure I'll eventually get the hang of this.  If anyone has any tricks I could definitely use a few.  Like I said first time , well now third time blogger, long time hater. Oh well you at least get a good still shot.

So walking around the fair was fun but there was this one store that I literally had to make sure that I wasn't drooling in. Every inch of everything was dripping in swravski crystals. Oh my gaa. But no way am I going to fall pressure to the sparkle at no less than $65 a belt when I know I can find the same thing for $1 or less as long as I am willing to do a bit of work and be patient.

     So I guess here is tip number 2: being patient is critical.  There are times when I go to the Goodwill warehouse (what from here on out will be referred to and call the industries) and find absolutely nothing.  But I have a philosophy about that. If I don't find what I need that trip I know I will find what I need later and it will end up being cheaper and better. If it is not meant to be at that precise moment there is nothing to do about it but accept it and know everything we need comes right when we need it not when we think we need it

So there's step 2
Next time who knows maybe a healthy recipe or steps on sparkling out your fave item
 You will see won't you!


  1. I love Jeremy Camp!! I'm so jealous! Our fair here is great, but it doesn't have anyone like the CMSF gets :)

    1. Ya the one fair I went to when I was in Washington was such a culture shock. I had no idea that the cmsf was so big. I just thought it was a small town thing but I now have actually been to a small town fair and there is no comparison. Only bad thing was that there was no food I could have. I can't eat yeast still but now I also can't have gluten. Ya it sucked! Deep fried and all yummy all up in my face and I couldn't have any of it. Thanks to God for the strength to resist.
      Love ya