Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Last Bloody Day :(

Ok so here we go!
So unfortunately the fat lady has sung and the most wonderful craft thing I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of has reached its finally. So I have my final posts for all of us freak flag flyers. But the good news is that the inspiration hit and I had time to make one extra thing to share.

Sorry about the glare I have other close ups to show all the details.

Who needs more than Swarovski Blood stains? Not me! Put an end to your broken heart with this lonely heart killer. Sexy, sleek, light, and faboo! All of our dreams put into one deadly package. Black leather corsets, roses, poetry (be it ever so blood stained) jewels, and angel wings. Well not sure about the last but what the hay it fits my dream. The only thing missing is the chocolate. Bummer! But if you can’t wait till the 14th is over then this can speed up the process for you. I have truly enjoyed every second of this hop. Thank you all for all the kind comments and letting me enjoy your bloody creations.

So as for my stroke of inspiration here are my Valentine's Day Manicure!

Miggi nail art pens in flat red with sparkle accents.
Red crystals
and Black inking pen accents to bring out the drips of blood (I know technically that is not stamping something but I love the gore and sparkle)
Kisses Bunches


  1. Hiya Rebecca, a real cool project. But tell me.... wouldn't the gems on the knife chaff a bit when used? Love all the embellishments and as for your nails WOW!

  2. Sick as usual... love it! Love the nails too but my hands are always inky or covered in paint so they'd be wasted on me :(
    There is a members blog hop every month on the forum...look in the events section.
    There is a list of challenges were our alternative art is accepted ....although you must follow the themes they have.... and on the forum every month there are new challenges.... must include a digi or real stamp somewhere..... check it all out.... your creativity needs an outlet now enforced affection day is nearly over. x

  3. Well I am glad that your self imposed corner putting has surpassed. My head went spinning the second I saw the theme "void" for next month. Don't know if I am scared or inspired? We will see. But I am going to be very happy once Saturday comes. No more BDay and no more VDay!

  4. Great project Rebecca. Love the manicure...

  5. OH my word, what a divine piece of weaponry and I LOVE your nails ghoulie! See ya in Smeared and Smudged!!!

  6. Nice that it is worn in and ready to go. Killer handle and love the time and care put into this. Love that cameo and the rose in center of wings, saaweet!. Concur w/ BD and not a nail girl anyway, but they do look cool. Is heart from paper or cloth?? Cool texture on it. Awesome end to a fab-o three days.

    1. Oh ya sorry all. I used red leather to make the heart. My 14 year old son was the one who said it needed the extra touch of the stitches. Love how my two oldest get me and give me faboo suggestions even if they think I am super crazy.

  7. A project to die for! Bloody brilliant alteration! I dig the nails too :)

  8. Fantastic transformation and such an awesome idea. :-) Really diggin' those nails too xoxoxox