Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March is Null and "Void"

Ok Here We Go…

So when I read the theme for this months members blog event I literally froze. I was void of ideas. Tee Hee. I drew a blank from the end of bloody valentine until today. Not sure what that means for the time I have one day notice of the theme and to post. Oh well I digress. So bare with me while I explain why this work fits the theme.

Void: adj. Not valid syn: null, nonviable, useless
          noun a completely empty space. syn: nothingness, vacuum, emptiness 
Vacuum grabbed my creativity and revved it up into hight gear. But I had to use the scientific one not the household item. 
So my card lends to the poor confused victorian house wife who for the life of her can't figure out why the vacuum the sales man sold her is not getting anything clean. She had tea coming up and her confusion is growing.

I used a plethora of different mediums to color the vacuum (my homage to the theme of "void") I used:
navy blue, brown, and purple ultra fine tip sharpie
light blue watercolor pencils
green hard lead color pencils
grass, baby pink, and purple Chromatix blending markers
ultra fine tip black sharpie for outline and
white opaque Ranger pen for highlight

Every other part of the card is my current interpretation of the Victorian icons. The background, buttons, and flowers, down to the upholstery tacks at the corners of the sash, and the rose bud and time piece.

So me being the big nerd that I am (Math major at university) when my idea factory was on strike I of course looked up the word in a real life dictionary. Wow I know but thats just how I roll. 

gold paint pen

Hope you all enjoyed my major stretch to follow the theme of March's member event 


  1. Great interpretaion, I live with a math nerd so used to math references + a good friend of mine is all about math too! =)
    The layout works really well together with all the different items you used!
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. Maths nerd lol! I'm just a nerd :)
    Love your idea of the tea sipping victorian house wife not knowing what to do with a vacuum cleaner.... so funny.Great card.... love every tiny detail. This was a toughie... but glad you found inspiration to join in. BDx

  3. Sorry I thought I had commented your project and all the detailing is gorgeous.

  4. Just between us, the dictionary is often my first choice to get the neurons sparking. Your interpretation of your ideas is delightful in its details!

  5. Haha !! Brilliant - very clever interpretation :-)

    IKE xxxx

  6. Great use of the vacuum to help interpret this hard theme. Huge applause for the fab idea and the work on this. Vacuum looks great and love the highlights. Great embellies to help w/ the age.

  7. Haha! Awesome and i love to see how your thought process brought you to your outcome! I'm so glad you joined in and didn't let the void fill your head! Brilliant! Love your coloring and all the bits you've added. Great work! I hope you join us for the April member hop as well!


  8. Interesting interpretation. I like how u jumped from vacuum to poor confused Victorian housewife- creative. I like the upholstery and use of vintage looking buttons(tortoise shell) and upholstery tack for embellishments. So cool!

  9. Fabulous interpretation of the theme! I'm right there with Sharon. I often go to the dictionary for inspiration. I love how your brain works and have enjoyed both your brilliant piece as well as your creative thought process!

  10. Awesome mixed media piece Rebecca. I a "void" ed this challenge because I could not conceptualize it. What a wonderful job you did...very creative!