Friday, March 14, 2014

Rock N Rolla March Challenge

So here we go,

My entry for this months challenge based on Oasis' video "All around the world."It is a card, well actually mixed media I guess you would call it. I have used a digi stamp of a man in a boulder hat. I used him as one of the two pop-ups present in this piece. I used Prismacolor water color pencils on him. The other is a photograph of a strong man and an elephant.

The gold looking wrinkled thing is actually a fun house mirror.
All the feathers are white ostrich and the circus ring, boots, and fishnets are also water color pencils.
I attached a lightbulb, a megaphone with all of the Vegas elements coming out of them.

As you can see if you look close, there are holes all around the boarder which is explained here!

Love to all of my fellow freak flag fliers

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